Tue Dec 03, 2019

Program: CrossFit

:60 Pitcher Stretch
:30 PNF PVF Front Rack Stretch


2:00 Jump Rope (practice your double unders)
20' Forward Bear Crawl
20' Reverse Bear Crawl
10 Scap Pull-ups
10 Banded External Rotations
10 Banded Internal Rotations
10 Banded Pull Downs
10 Banded Forward Circles
10 Banded Backward Circles
10 Banded No Money

12/3/2019 - A) Strength

3 Sets
5 Heavy Push Press

* In between each set perform 10 total renegade rows @ 50/35.
These presses are to come from the rack with the focus on going heavy.

Team Challenge #2

Team Challenge #2

Team Row 6,300 Cals @ 550 Cals/hr or Higher

Team Sit-ups 4,500

  •  Each teammate must contribute at least 250 reps of each movement for the team to finish. Each partner must log his/her reps on the app by creating a custom workout and putting it under the day performed.
  • Any reps performed as part of a workout count toward the total team score. 
  • The rower must be kept at or above 550 cals/hr while rowing your cals. 
  • Sit-ups must be done on a Abmat.
  • If you have a Abmat at home you must film your reps and post to the group page

 Good luck teams and keep up the good work!!

Sunny Side Up

3 Rounds
15 Push Press @ 115/80
15 Pull-ups
50 Double unders

* Shoot to complete this wod in 14 minutes or less. Scale double unders to 100 single unders. 
:60 Rotator Cuff Smash
:60 Ant Delt Smash
:60 Super Front Rack
20 PVC Pass Throughs