Workout For Thu Nov 14, 2019

:60 Wrist Stretch
:60 Sampson Lunge


2 Sets
10 Tall Burpees
10 Banded Good Mornings 
10 Banded Face Pulls
10 Banded Pull Aparts

Total Time

50 Banded Squats
50 Banded Behind the Neck Y Presses
50 Banded Good Mornings
50 Banded Pull Aparts

Goal is to move to each position with little to no rest. If you're feeling froggy perform 100 reps of each movement.

Total Time

Every 3mins for 4 Rounds:
25 Russian KBs @ 70/53
5 Wall Walks

* Rest :60 between rounds
If you are unable to perform wall walks, scale to two pike handstand walks around the box. 
Score is slowest round time. 

:60 Ham Smash
:60 Rotator Cuff Smash
:60 Lying Ham Stretch
:60 Single Arm Hug